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The Woman in Brown

She was wearing brown pants, a brown jacket, a brown knit cap and brown shoes.  She came out of an office building and walked to the corner just ten feet away.  Her right foot was cocked at an almost ninety degree angle to the other but her gait was unaffected.

In developing a character based on this individual, I would want to know how this had occurred.  Had it been an accident as a child or as an adult?  Was it congenital?  If as a child, how had her peers treated her?  Later, had this affected her ability to get a job or carry on the normal activities of an adult?  Did she see this as a deformity or just a normal part of her body?  Did she blame others?

If I used her in a story, what would I emphasize?  Would that foot just be an aspect of her body or the reason for her actions?  Was the fact that she was dressed totally in brown affect how I would portray her?  What was she thinking when she walked out of that building?  Was she happy, sad or just going home for lunch?  Do I portray her as having just committed a crime?

Would she be a central character or a minor one?  Would her appearance in the story be shortly after the incident that caused the problem with her foot or many years later?