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A mundane job

Five AM.  Another morning on the farm.  The cows were already lowing in the pasture, ready to enter the barn.  He turned toward his wife and decided to let her sleep a few extra minutes.  She would have the coffee ready after he finished the morning’s milking.  Quietly leaving the bedroom, he pulled on his overalls and buttoned his cotton shirt.  His barn boots were waiting at the door, sentinels guarding the kitchen.

This morning was different in some way.  He noticed that as soon as he carefully closed the screen door.  Even though there were no clouds, it was darker than normal.  He turned toward the east and, rather than bright white, the sun was coppery, almost brown.  Was it an eclipse he wondered?  No, he would have heard that on the radio weather report the night before when he went to bed.

Staring, he saw the sun had now disappeared altogether.  And, rather than red, it was definitely brown, almost black.  It was also irregularly shaped, round, but not perfectly.  The cow’s lowing brought his mind back to his farm and their Read more »