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The Artist

Approximately twenty years old, she would open her book and sketch the older woman sitting across from her.  Every time the woman looked up, she would close the sketch book or flip the page to something else she was sketching.  Over a period of about fifteen minutes, she finished the sketch and then began sketching several members of a high school aged tour group.

She was sitting in an international airport terminal waiting for her flight like everyone else there.  Why was she hiding the fact she was sketching the people around her?  What would have happened if the others noticed what she was doing?

If I was to use this in a story, would the artist or the older woman be a major character?  Would she be sketching someone who was trying to remain anonymous, e.g., a spy or a criminal?  If that was the case, and they found out, what would happen to her?

Would this sketch lead her to a life as an artist or would memories of this simply be part of her background?