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Lucid Dreaming – March 2014

Lucid Dreaming - March 2014 Cover ArtEnter our dreams and ask afterwards if it was just a dream. We include selected short stories and vignettes in various genres from writers across the country. Quality is the only criteria for inclusion. The March issue includes, “The Green Room,” where a group of actors rebel during a performance and β€œAn Octopus Swimming the Worst Ocean,” where a man remembers what it is truly important to him.

This issue also includes a bonus short, “Ulysses and Scheherezade,” as well as previews of two stories, “Childhood Friends” and “End of the Line,” in the April issue.

Available now at Smashwords, Lucid Dreaming – March 2014 Issue, in all e-book formats as well as a pdf.


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