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About Darryl

I enjoy journeys, both physical and mental.  As a child and young adult, libraries took me places.  Later, bookstores opened more doors for me.  Whether into the past with histories and novels, across the country or the planet with culture and society books, exploring deep space and BEM’s (Bug-Eyed-Monsters) with science fiction, understanding individuals with biographies or learning about the world around us with non-fiction science and political science, books allowed me to travel to the most wonderful place – my imagination.  Those journeys have molded me, made me the person I am and affected how I interact with others during my trip through life.

I want to share my imaginative ramblings with you and hope you will reflect upon those trips and tell me about your own flights into that place of deep thought or fancy.  I hope you enjoy my trips enough you’ll want to savor them again and again by owning complete versions.  And telling your friends about the places we go to on these pages.

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida having attended five different elementary schools, Memorial Junior High and Hillsborough High School.  My first real journey was to Ogden, Utah where I attended Weber State College (now Weber State University) and completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in History and Secondary Education.  The last postcard on a bulletin board – was it chance or fate that made me glance there – moved me again, this time to Binghamton, New York where I completed an MBA/MA in History (American) at the State University of New York at Binghamton (now calling itself Binghamton University although it went through a number of iterations before it reached that title).

It was at Binghamton that I began my most important journey, meeting and marrying the most important person in my life, Toby.  Together, we brought three children to adulthood, raised goats, sheep, chickens and bees, grew bountiful crops (especially zucchini – I still have some if you’re interested) and made a home for ourselves.

I worked over thirty years at Binghamton University as a middle level administrator (I used to think of myself as a ‘petty bureaucrat’) first in one of the schools and then at the Anderson Center for the Performing Arts before retiring and then embarking on a new career as a labor relations specialist advising union members and leaders at four State University of New York (SUNY) campuses in upstate New York.

Although I came to writing later in my life, I have always read voraciously and written some.  My first novepicture of Darryll, still untitled and unedited, was written in the mid-80’s.  Bitten by that bug, I wrote my second novel, Good Man, Bad Man in 2009 and a third in 2010.  These last two were written as part of NaNoWriMo [LINK] (Nation Novel Writing Month).  I also have participated in a writing group, Triple Cities Writing Group locally where we do ‘prompts’ every Saturday.

Now, I have added these web-pages to continue my journeys into the mind.  I hope you enjoy mine and I want to learn about yours.

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