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More Haiku

 Crock-pot, frying pan

Microwave, toaster oven

Eating at the Ritz

Black-eyed peas, collards

Ham off the bone, hot biscuits

Dad sits saying grace

Julienne carrots, raisins

Orange, black, crunchy, chewy

Mom’s favorite dish

Eye lashes flutter

Head turns, fan opened, eyes peeking

Defenses crumble

Three children away

For the night, parents alone

Moonlight caresses

Swig of cheap whiskey

Found half-smoked cigar, fragrant

Sadly, no matches

Dumpster diving – food

Half-eaten gourmet dishes

Eating at the Ritz

Nicely brown, bare breast

Long legs and thighs, succulent

Thanksgiving dinner

Dentist chair, drill, whir

Running water, drink, swish, spit

Nightmare, run screaming

Tuning instruments

Raised bow, valves depressed, softly

Squeak, squawk – young children

Horns blaring, tires squeal

Flashing lights, fists share – anger

Christmas Sale – ON NOW!

Professor lectures

Sleepy students taking note

Of his fly open

 Snow softly falling

Doe and fawns wandering trail

Hunter stays his hand

Waiting Room, father

Expectant, soft cries, small hands

Future beckons all

Maitre’d gestures

White linen, silver service

Engagement ring – Yes!

See-saws, swings, children

Playing noisy, dirty knees

Moms call, dinner ready

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