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December 11, 2011

Dear Ms Wray

by DMWood

Dear Ms Wray,

I really enjoyed our night on the town last week.  You were so kind to allow me to show you the sights of New York City.  The view from atop the Empire State Building was spectacular.  I’d never see the skyline before.  And the planes; that was exciting!  Especially when I grabbed the one and dropped it over the side.  I bet you found that breathtaking!

Living on Skull Island was really a drag.  Having to break the jaws of all those dinosaurs and then watching the blood dribble out was not a lot of fun.  You brought real joy to my life.  I never had any fun there.  Meeting you changed my life.

That get’s me to my point.  I realize I may not have all the social graces you are used to, especially having been to big cities in America.  But I can change; I can learn.  I want to take you out again.  I’ll be less of a cad this time.  I won’t pull your clothes off or tickle your ribs, I promise.  I’ll even shower first.  And, I’ll only whisper in your ear rather than roaring at everybody I meet.  It was those bright lights and sirens that bothered me.  We didn’t have them where I came from.

I’ll even let you choose the restaurant.  Please, Ms Wray (I’d love to call you Fay but that is probably too bold of me) let me call on you next Friday.  You may be infatuated with that sailor guy all gussied up with his hat and fancy clothes but you don’t know me.  Remember, clothes don’t really make the man.  I really am quite a sweet calm guy once you get to know me.

I can’t live without you.  I need you.  Please let me back into your life.



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