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March 15, 2012

The Woman with the Zebra Print Wallet

by DMWood

She was in the supermarket.  Tall, slender and pretty, she had two items in her carrier as she approached the checkout.  I first noticed the zebra print dress which exposed a great deal of leg as she walked past me.  Standing behind her in the line, I glanced down and saw her matching zebra print high heels.  That did not surprise me since I know how important it is for some people to match their shoes to their outfits.  What did surprise me was the zebra print wallet she pulled out of her purse.

Was she wearing more zebra print underneath that dress?  More importantly, what was her closet like?  Did it include other prints with matching shoes and matching wallets?  And what would she do when fashion changed and she stopped wearing that zebra print dress?  Would she get rid of the shoes and the wallet too?

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