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December 24, 2011

“You have beautiful eyes”

by DMWood

He was with his wife assisting the kilt company in their tent at the gay rodeo.  A customer returned several times to check the merchandise.  During the third visit, he came to the husband and said, “You have beautiful eyes.”

Why did it take three visits before he got up the courage to speak?  Was he looking for something long term or just a one-night stand?

What was the husband’s reaction?  And his wife’s?  Would he tell this tale to others?  What would they think?  That he was gay as well?  If he spurned this advance, what would the customer do?  What if the husband had responded positively to this advance?

In a story, who would have the larger role?  Would the husband have been in a loveless marriage and seen this as a way out?  Would he have run screaming from the tent?  Why did he stay there in the first place?  What if the customer had come back and pressed the issue?

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