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December 21, 2011

Split Pea Soup

by DMWood

“Is there ham in the split pea soup?”


“Is there bacon?”


“Are there any pork products at all?”

“No, I just like to stand here and argue with you.”

This conversation occurred in a small diner during lunch between a patron and the waiter serving them.  Would I focus on the waiter and his conversation with the cook or his fellow waiters/waitresses after taking the order.  Would he purposely add something just to piss the patron off?  Would he come back later and apologize?

If I focused on the patron, would they be a male or female?  What would their thoughts be as the waiter left the table?  Would they speak to someone in authority and report this incident?  What if the waiter was wrong and the pork product caused some type of medical emergency?   What would happen then?

If I included this in a story, would it be central to the story or just an incident?  If an incident, would it just be a memory or would it cause one of these characters to act in a specific way later in their life?


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