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Other’s Written Words

Every writer reads other writer’s words.  Sometimes those words are in books or magazines, sometimes in plays or in movies and sometimes they are in newspapers or billboards.  Those words inspire me or just make me think.  They leave a lasting impression.  These are words that have affected me.

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Character/Scene Ideas

Writers need characters for their stories, locations to put them in and actions for those characters to participate in.  Where do they come from?  How do you flesh them out?  For me, they all begin with some observation, whether that is walking in the park, driving around town, shopping in the mall or simply musing while sitting in my chair.  These are examples of those characters I have seen or imagined as well as locations I have visited or wanted to visit.  I also include ideas and/or questions that will help me, later, flesh them out.

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Ask This Author

Every journey is best done with a companion, in this case, you.  And, companions have conversations with their fellow travelers.  This is your opportunity to begin that conversation with me.  Ask me questions on how I do my writing; do I write every day, in my pajamas or with a quill pen?  Or ask me why I write: become famous, rich or just to pass the time?  How about where I get my ideas from; sitting in the library, watching a movie or walking down the street?  I’ll answer your questions and our journey together will begin.

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Writing Group Prompts

Growing out of the 2009 NaNoWriMo group, the Triple Cities Writing Group was formed and has met consistently every Saturday at the George F. Johnson Library in Endicott, New York.  Each member creates a series of prompts for the others to respond to and the following are examples of those prompts.

Our guidelines for the prompts have always been, always have pen on paper, never stop writing, get the thoughts down and edit LATER.  So, these are very rough drafts with ideas that need to be fleshed out.  They are the barest of the kernels of scenes or individuals.  They need to be worked on.

Enjoy my first explorations of ideas.

See below for my most recent ones or click above.


Page 54, Good Man, Bad Man

“Wait a minute, were you out on the sidewalk Friday night?” Debbie stood in the doorway with her cell-phone open and a questioning look on her face. Rich shook his head; she didn’t need to call 911. He walked closer to the boy and extended his hand, “Hi, I’m Rich. This is my father’s house. What’s your name?”

“Me? I’m Dustin.” He looked down while he spoke and was barely heard.

“You knew my father? Why don’t you come in and sit down.”


“Let’s sit on the steps. I’d like to talk to you.”

Rich moved back and sat on the bottom step while Debbie whispered, “I’ll go check on the boys and keep an eye on the two of you. Be careful.”

He nodded to his wife and motioned Dustin toward the step beside him. As he moved closer, Rich studied him. Other than a little acne on his left cheek, he was quite handsome with features reminding Rich of a very young Harrison Ford. “Let’s talk.” Dustin stopped and gave the slightest of nods; he wasn’t coming any closer. “There’s a lawn chair next to the garage; why don’t you pull it out.”

“I’ll stand.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I knew your father.” His voice faltered as he said ‘father.’ Rich didn’t know how he could encourage him in sharing more. “We used to talk sometimes. Did other things. Shot baskets together, too.”

“I did that too with Dad. I remember when he put the backboard up. He almost fell off the ladder when he replaced the net.”

“I tried helping him once. He didn’t want me on the ladder. I wanted to help; he wouldn’t let me.” Rich waited and Dustin relaxed. Dustin continued, “He was nice to me.” He turned, as if he was leaving, and Rich almost called him until he saw Dustin pull the chair away from the garage and unfold it.

“Sounds like he was nice to a lot of people in town.” Rich mused under his breath.